Finding aids

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1. Quezon City souvenir programs (1935 - 2004)


Quezon, Manuel L.
Quezon, Manuel L.

Quezon, Manuel L.
QC Govt
QC Coat of Arms and Seal

Quezon, Manuel L.

Quezon, Manuel L.
Quezon, Manuel

QC Revised Charter(HB 1076);
Charter of Quezon City [Commonwealth Act 502, approved on Oct.12,1939];
[RA 537, approved on June22, 1963];
[RA 333 & RA 392, approved on June 16, 1950]

Quezon, Manuel L.
National Commission for Capital City
QC Police Department
QC Govt
Crisostomo, Isabelo
QC Govt

QC Govt

QC Govt
QC Health Dept.

QC Govt

QC Health Dept

QC Police Dept.
QC Public Schools

QC Govt

Quezon City Elected Officials Inaguration Program : 8th City Council [ 1964-1971]
QC Public Schools

QC Govt

QC Public Schools

QC Govt

QC Police Dept

Quezon City Public Schools Week : April 11 – 14, 1967

Capitol News Magazine : September – October, 1967 V. I, No. 1

Phil Panorama

QC Govt

QC Govt

QC Govt

QC Govt

QC Govt

QC Govt

Philippines Herald

QC Govt

QC Govt

QC Govt

QC Govt

QC Govt

QC  Police Dept

Philippine Tuberculosis Society

QC Govt

QC Govt

QC Tandang Sora Lions’ Club
The Crusade, June-July, 1975


QC Govt

QC Govt

QC Govt

QC Govt

QC Govt

QC Govt

QC Govt
Primer on Quezon City

Quezon City Today: First Tourism Week Souvenir Program. December 5-11, 1977 ( Invitation Program )

QC Govt

QC Govt

QC Govt


QC Govt

QC Govt

Bayaning Filipino Foundation, Inc.
Philippine Development Economic Information Staff, [ formerly National Economic Development Digest ]

Focus Philippines Publishing Co.

QC Govt

August 19, 1979 : President Manuel L. Quezon’s 101st Birthday Anniversary Program

Philippine Development. Vol. VI, No. 7. Diliman, Quezon City : Office of the Director-General of the National Economic and Development Authority, January 31, 1979:  ISSN 0115-0073.

Focus Philippines. Vol. VIII, No. 48. October 20, 1979.

QC Chambers of Commerce and Industry

QC Chambers of Commerce and Industry

QC Police Department

QC Govt

QC Govt

Quezon City Police Station : Northern Police District Briefing Semi-Annual 1981.

National Book Week. November 24-30, 1981.
QC Govt

QC Govt

QC General Hospital

QC. Culiat High School

Balikbayan Magazine. Vol. II, No. II. August 26, 1991.
Department of Interior and Local Government. Quezon City
The Local Government Forum. November, 1984.
QC Govt

QC Govt

QC Govt

Philippine Panorama Magazine

QC Govt

QC Govt

QC. Barangay Galas

President Manuel L. Quezon’s 109th Birthday Anniversary Souvenir Program. August 19, 1987.


QC Govt

The Manila Times
Newspaper. Manila

QC Govt

Galarpe, Alberto M.  [ QC City Councilor 1988 ]
Gazette. October 3-9, 1988; November 2, 1988.

The Manila Times. A Toast to Quezon City. August 19, 1988.

Quezon City Council : History and Legacy ( A Compilation of Facts- 1988 - 1998 ). By Alberto M. Galarpe. QC City Councilor 1988 – 1998.
MidWeek Magazine

Cultural Center of the Philippines. Manila

Cultural Center of the Philippines . 1989

Philippine Panorama Magazine. Manila

QC Govt

Department of Education. NCR. Quezon City

Quezon City Consultative Council

The Manila Times

QC Govt

QC Govt and Rotary International District 378

QC Govt

QC Govt

50 Golden Years of Quezon City Memorabilia. October 12, 1989.

The Quezon City Consultative Council Gintong Parangal 1989 Souvenir Program. October 12, 1989.

Quezon City Hall Gazette. Vol. I No. 4,. June, 1989

Quezon City Government and Rotary International District 378, Philippines. November 7, 1989.

QC Govt

QC Govt

QC Govt

Men’s World. Vol. I No 21. August 20, 1990

Gladiators: Outstanding Congressmen. Vol 2, No. 1, February 1990

The 2nd Quezon City Government Businessmen’s Congress for Progress Souvenir Program. September 14, 1990.

Quezon City 51st Foundation Day Anniversary Souvenir Program. October 12, 1990.

Philippine Graphic

A Report prepared by a UNEP- Funded Study Team, In Coordination with The Environmental Management Bureau, The Department of Environmental and Resources

QC Govt
Philippine Graphic Magazine. Vol. 2, No. 11. August 26, 1991.

River Rehabilitation Program for the Manila Bay Region Phase I. Final Report. Quezon City, Philippines. August, 1991.

Quezon City 52nd  Foundation Day (1939-1991) “Parangal ’91  Souvenir Program : Bayang Paunlarin.... Utos ng Diyos Tupdin”  . October 12, 1991. (with the Quezon City Consultative Council).
QC Govt

Quezon City 53rd Foundation Day Anniversary Souvenir Program. October 3-12, 1992

Kahirup Magazine.  March 1992. Quezon City Issue.
QC Govt

QC Govt

QC Health Department

QC Govt

QC Govt
Quezon City Mayor Ismael Mathay, Jr’s  Birthday. June 21 – 26, 1993

Quezon City Accomplishments. August 19, 1993.

The Equalizer. July- August, 1993.

Division of Nursing Services, 22nd Anniversary Celebration. September 21, 1993.

3rd Manuel L. Quezon’s Bantayog Awards, 1993.

Quezon City 54th Foundation Day Anniversary Souvenir Program with the them :” Pagkakaisang Lungsod Quezon tungo sa  Pilipinas 2000”. October 3 - 12, 1993


The Police Community Relations Foundation of the Philippines, Inc.

Quezon City Public Elementary Schools Principals Association

Lifestyle  Asia Publishing  Co.
Office of the President.

Cooperative Development Authority. Manila Extension

QC Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc.

QC  Govt.

Office of the Press Secretary

QC Govt

A project of Sangguniang Kabataan Foundation, Inc., in cooperation with the Office of Hon. Mayor Ismael  Mathay, Jr and QC Vice Mayor Charito L. Planas

Quezon City Public School Teachers Association

Crime Buster Foundation, Inc.

QC Govt
Police Chronicle. Vol. VIII, No. III .April – May, 1994.

The Quest for Quality School Management. 1994.

Tai Pan “ Ismael Mathay, Jr.”. October 1994

Cooperative Information Kit

Quezon City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc.

Alay kay Mayor (At Alay din ni Mayor) Souvenir Programme and Schedule of Activities, June 20-26, 1994.

96th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Philippine Independence, June 12, 1994; Prepared for The 1994 National Committee for the Independence Day  Anniversary  Celebration.

Quezon City 55th Foundation Day Anniversary Souvenir Programme. October 10 – 17, 1994.

Linggo ng Kabataan 2000, Theme: “ Sama – Samang Tumutugon sa Hamon ng Panahon Kabataan 2000”. Dec 6-12, 1994.

Guro :  Kaakbay sa  Pilipinas 2000. June 20, 1994.

Crime Buster Magazine. September –  October 1994.    Vol. 2,  No. 5
Crime Buster Magazine. November –   December 1994. Vol. 2, No. 6

4th Manuel L. Quezon’s Bantayog Awards. November 4, 1994.


QC Chamber of Commerce and Industry

QC Govt

QC Govt

QC Division of City School

Crime Buster Foundation, Inc.

QC Govt

QC Govt

Office of the Congressman Dante V. Liban
Quezon City Chamber of Commerce and Industry II,   35th  Induction Souvenir 1995 Programme. February 15, 1995.

Quezon City 56th Foundation Day Anniversary Program. October 19, 1995.

Mayor Ismael Mathay, Jr’s Birthday, June 26, 1995.

Gazette . July, 1995.

Crime Buster Magazine,  May- June 1995.

Our Lady of Fatima Parish. 1995.

The Fraternal Order of Eagles. January 28, 1995.

The Quezon City Paper. August 19, 1995.

117th Birth Anniversary of President Manuel L. Quezon. August 19, 1995.

12th National Children’s Book Day. July 18, 1995.

Quezon City Lingkod Bayan Report 1995.

Business Viewpoint Philippines

Araneta – East  Homeowners Association, Inc.
QC Govt

The Enlisted Personnel Association of the Philippines, Inc.

QC Chamber of Commerce and Industry

QC Govt

QC Govt

Technology and Livelihood Resource Center

The Police Tribune, Inc.

National Commission for Culture and The Arts ( NCCA )  in coordination with The Philippine Centennial Commission (PCC)
 Business Viewpoint. February, 1996.

The Araneta – East Homeowners Association, Inc Annual and Souvenir Program : Grand Inaguration of the Office and Parks Administration Building. June 29, 1996.
Maligayang Bati Ismael A. Mathay, Jr’s Birthday Celebration, June 26, 1996

The Enlisted Personnel Association of the Philippines : 36th Founding Anniversary , with a theme : “ Pagdamay na Wasto sa kapwa Beterano at  Sundalo”. April 27, 1996.

Quezon City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. : 36th Induction Ceremonies Souvenir Program. January 30, 1996.

Quezon City 57th Foundation Day Anniversary Souvenir Program. October 12, 1996

 Maligayang Bati sa inyong kaarawan, KGG. Ismael A. Mathay, Jr. Ika-26 ng Hunyo, 1996, Souvenir Programme and Schedule of Activities.

Mag Negosyo. July- August, 1996.

The Police Tribune. Vol.I, No. I, February, 1996.

International Conference on the Centennial of the 1986 Philippine Revolution : “The Philippine Revolution and Beyond”. August 21 – 23, 1996. Manila Hotel, City of Manila,  Philippines. A Souvenir Programme.
QC Govt

A project of QC Vice Mayor Herbert M. Bautista; Tanggapan ng Punong Lungsod, Quezon City

Joined Sponsored by QC Vice Mayor Herbert M. Bautista and The Rotary Club of Kamuning, District 3780, QC

QC Govt
Quezon City 58th Foundation Day Anniversary Souvenir Programme. October 12, 1997

Quezon City 58th Foundation Day . Inter- Agency Choral Competition 1997, Theme : “Kundiman ng  Himagsikan”

2nd Vice Mayor’s Invitational Golf Tournament, hosted by: The Rotary Club of Kamuning, District 3780. May 10, 1997. Veteran’s Golf Course, Mindanao Avenue, Quezon City

Handog Pasasalamat sa Kaarawan ni Mayor Ismael A. Mathay, Jr. June 26, 1997.
QC Govt

QC Govt

QC Chamber of Commerce and Industry

QC Govt

Kahirup Publishers, University of the Philippines Campus, QC

DynaMedia Philippines
8th Manuel L. Quezon’s Bantayog Awards. 1998

8th Manuel L. Quezon’s Bantayog Awards 1998 [2000]: A Two year reports of QC Mayor Ismael A. Mathay, Jr.

Quezon City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc : 38th Induction Ceremonies, 1998.

Quezon City 59th Foundation Anniversary Souvenir Program. October 1-16, 1998

Kahirup. 1998 Philippine Provincial Series. No. 9.

Philippine Magazine. Vol.IX, No.1. January 1998. ISSN No. 0116-6727.
QC Chamber of Commerce and Industry

QC Govt

QC Govt
Quezon City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. 39th Induction Ceremonies Programme. 1999.

Quezon City 60th Foundation Day Anniversary Souvenir Programme. October 12, 1999.

Alay para sa Kaarawan ni Mayor Ismael A. Mathay, Jr. Souvenir Programme. June 17-26, 1999.

Pilipino Reporter. March 19, 1999.
QC Chamber of Commerce and Industry
QC Govt

QC Govt

DynaMedia Philippines

QC Govt

Metro Centro

QC Govt
Quezon City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc. 40th Anniversary Programme 2000.

Alay kay Mayor Ismael A. Mathay, Jr. Birthday Program. June 26, 2000.

10th Manuel L. Quezon’s Bantayog Awards. October 17, 2000. QC Press Club.

Philippine Magazine. Vol. IX, No. 7. July 2000.

Photographs of a Legacy to Remember. June 26, 2000.

Metro Centro. July 27, 2000.

Quezon City 61st Foundation Anniversary Program. October 12, 2000
The Organizing Committee, QC Govt

Metro Centro

Quezon City Planning and Development Office

QC Govt

QC Central Police District

QC Govt

QC Govt
Quezon City Barangay Leaders Summit  Theme: “Siyudad at Barangay: Sa Kaunlaran Magkaagapay”.. November 10, 2001. Amoranto Multi Purpose Hall. Sct. Chuatoco st. Brgy Paligasahan, Quezon City.

Metro Centro . A Presentation for the Honorable Mayor Feliciano “Sonny” Belmonte. July 27, 2001.

Quezon City Planning and Development Office 29th Anniversary. Theme:” Responding to the Challenges of the New Millenium”. January 10, 2001.

Quezon City : Quality Management for a Quality City. The Belmonte Administration . Year 1. July 1, 2001 – June 30, 2002.

Quezon City Central Police District Anniversary. January 10, 2001.

Quezon City 62nd Foundation Day. Anniversary Souvenir Program. October 12, 2001.

Alay Kay Mel. June 25-29, 2001. Birthday Souvenir program.

QC Performing Arts Development Foundation, Inc.

QC Govt

Philippine Free Press

Department of Public Works and Highways

Quezon City Performing Foundation, Inc.

Quezon City 63rd Foundation Anniversary Souvenir Program. October 12, 2002.

Philippine Free Press. The manager : Mayor Feliciano Belmonte Jr. applies his talent for order on the rock-and-roll world of Quezon City. August 17, 2002.

INFRA Look Magazine. January 2002. Vol. 1 No 1

A Joint project of QC Govt, Pambansang Komisyon para sa Kultura at mga Sining (NCCA), and Brgy Vasra, District I, QC

Rotary Club of Loyola Heights, R.I. District 3780, QC

Galing Pook Foundation

Q C Sangguniang Kabataan.

QC Govt
Kulturang Kalye 2003 : “ Bahagharing Kalinangan Sining Bayan sa QC. “ February 1, 8, 15, 22, 23, 2003. Visayas Avenue, Brgy Vasra, Distict 1, Quezon City.

The Loyola Star. 15th Induction Ceremonies. Rotary Club of Loyola Heights., R.I. District 3780. July 4, 2003. Grand Ball room, Celebrity Sports Club, Capitol Hills Drive, Quezon City.

Gawad Galing Pook 2003. 10th year. Theme: “ A Tribute to Innovation and Excellence in Local Governance”.  December 2003. Awards Ceremony. Malacanang Palace, Manila.

Sangguniang Kabataan. May 2003.

Quezon City 64th Foundation Anniversary  Souvenir Program. October 12, 2003.

QC Govt

QC Govt

Star Gate Media Corporation
Mutya ng Lungsod Quezon. April 24, 2004

Quezon City 65th Foundation Anniversary Souvenir Program. October 12, 2004.

People Asia. December 2003 – January 2004.


BusinewsQC January 2013

2. Quezon City annual reports, directories, facts and figures, manuals, maps and coffee table books (Preliminary)

Annual Reports
Quezon City: Quality management for a quality city: the Belmonte Administration Year 1
The Belmonte Administration Year 2: Quezon City Quality Community 4c
Quezon City: The Belmonte Administration 2003-2004: Strengthening the legacy of ... 3c
Quezon City: The Belmonte Administration 2005-2006: Competing on Strength 3c
Quezon City: A city where all shall win 2006-2007: The Belmonte Administration 2c
Quezon City; future perfect: 2007-2008: The Belmonte Administration 3c
01-10 Quezon City Annual Report(s): The Belmonte Administration 3c
Quezon City Annual Report 2010-2011: The Bautista Administration 3c
2011-2012 Quezon City Annual Report: The Bautista Administration 5c
Accomplishment Report 2011-2012 Quezon City: The Bautista Administration

1995 Quezon City Business Directory
1999 Quezon City Business Directory by Directories Philippines Corp.
1997 Quezon City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc.
2007 Quezon City Cooperatives Directory by QC Sikap Buhay and Cooperatives Center
2007? Quezon City Directory of GAD Focal Persons

1994 Directory by QC Public Assistance Center
2000 Quezon City Government Telephone Directory by QC Public Assistance Center
2007 Quezon City Government Telephone and Services Directory by AMO
2008 Quezon City Government Telephone and Services Directory by AMO
2009 Quezon City Government Telephone and Services Directory by AMO
2011 Quezon City Filipino Inventors Show Directory by Sikap Buhay
2011 Quezon City Micro & Small Entrepreneurs’ Trade Show Directory by Sikap Buhay
2004 Philippine Business and Government Yearbook
Top 1000 corporations/ directory of government offices, yearend reports, diplomatic
1997 Directory of Publishers and Library Suppliers by PLAI

Facts and Figures/ Manuals
1987 Quezon City Facts and Figures by QC Public Library 3c
1990 Quezon City Facts and Figures by QC Public Library
1990 Quezon City Basic Data by Economic Development Board 3c
1991 Quezon City Basic Data by Economic Development Board
1992? Quezon City Information Book by CTAO
1993 Quezon City Data & Statistics Reference Manual by City Planning & Dev’t Office
Demography, POs/ NGOs, Religion, Hospitals, Schools, Libraries, Hotels,
SEE ALSO QC Social Profile

Revenue Code
Guide to Quezon City Taxes, Permit Fees and Charges, Office of the City Treasurer, 1976
The Roadmap to Financial Stability: the experience of Quezon City, Victor B. Endriga, 2004
Retracing the Roadmap to Financial Stability: Book II, Victor B. Endriga, 2008
Quezon City Revenue Code, QC, 1997
Quezon City Revenue Code as amended, Victor B. Endriga, 2006
Quezon City Revenue Code as amended, Victor B. Endriga, 2009

Public Libraries/ Schools
QC ordinance No. 3559 2c
A planning process for public libraries (photocopied book, 1980)
A handbook on the establishment of barangay reading centers in the Philippines, 2005
Quezon City Public Library Manual, 2009 2c
Sharing a task and a vision: institutional profiles secondary schools 1980-1989
Quezon City: a saga of progress 6c
Quezon City: a saga of continuing progress 5c

Comprehensive Development Plans
The Master Plan for the New Capital City, Capital City Planning Commission, 1949 2c
Procedural Guidelines for the preparation of five year dev’t program, City Planning and
Development Office, 1993?
QC Comprehensive Development Program Book 1, City Planning and
Development Office, 1993
QC Comprehensive Development Program Book 2, City Planning and
Development Office, 1993
QC Comprehensive Development Program Book 1: Dev’t Framework, City Planning and
Development Office, 1996
QC Comprehensive Development Plan: 2010-2013 City Development Council, 2010?
Comprehensive Land Use Plan
Proposed Amended Zoning Ordinance, Legislative-Executive Committee for the Preparation
of CLUP, 2000 2c
Comprehensive Land Use Plan, City Planning and Development Office, 2010
Comprehensive Land Use Plan 2011-2030, City Planning and Development Office, 2011

Socio Economic Development Action Plan

Socio Economic Development Action Plan for 2011 to 2015, Anti Poverty Integration TF, 2011

QC Offices

QC Anti Drug Abuse Council (QCADAC)
QC Bagong Henerasyon Foundation
QC Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO) 1998
QC Business Reforms 2012
QC Central Business District 2007, 2008 2011, 2012
North Triangle Business Center
QC Coat of Arms and Seal 1976
QC Commemorative Cover MMFF Film 2004
QC Community Relations Office (CRO) 1997
QC Council 1939 -2007
QC Council - Coffee Table Book 2006
  February 16
  March 2 meeting minutes
  Memorandum of agreement with Trimedia
QC Council - History 2010
QC Cooperatives Directory 2010
QC Cultural and Tourism Affairs Office 1982, 1989, 1998
QC Cyber parks 2009
QC Economic profile 1995
QC Elected officials 1996, 2013
QC Engineering Office 1996, 2009, 2011
QC Gender and Development (GAD) Code 2004  
QC General Service Department 1996(?)
QC Government Services Insurance System 2009
Payatas Land Purchase
QC Hall History
City Hall Blueprint 1964
Fire 1981
Clippings: QC Hall Building Fire
QC Hall Personnel                         2012
Number of employees
QC History
QC Manila
The Dream City: how it began
RA 333 establishing QC as capital of the Philippines
QC history, typewritten manuscript, pages 8 to 36
QC Hymn 1976
Musical arrangement
Souvenir program
QC Kasaysayan ng Lungsod Quezon 1999, 2002, 2003
Bid for Capital status
QC Kyusi Employees Multi Purpose Cooperative 2011
8th General Assembly
QC La Naval 1979, 1980, 1994, 1995, 1996,
1998, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004,
2005, 2007, 2011
QC Patron Saint
Sto. Domingo Church
Newspaper clippings
QC Landmarks 1977, 1980, 1990, 2010
QC Events
Barangay Nagkaisang Nayon
QC Laws and Ordinances
Balik Disiplina 1990
Subcities 1989
Novaliches 1992
QC Maps 1973, 2010
QC Profile
QC Demographics
Visitor’s Guide
Shopping malls
Araneta Center
South Triangle
Sto. Cristo
Project 6
QC Police Department 1973
QC CTAO 1980?
QC Memorial Circle 1969, 1978
QC Museum
Green buildings
Charito Planas
Ricky Avancena
Neal Cruz
Ordinance 1989
Executive Order No. 12 1946
Executive Order No. 26 1954
Executive Order No. 30 1963
Executive Order No. 53 1954
Executive Order No. 69 1964
Executive Order No. 79 1945
Executive Order No. 137 1948
Executive Order No. 164 1948
Executive Order No. 213 1948
Executive Order No. 233 1949
Executive Order No. 387 1949
Executive Order No. 399 1960
Executive Order No. 627 1953
Proclamation Nos. 22 1966
Proclamation Nos. 46 1966
Proclamation Nos. 54 1962
Proclamation Nos. 426 1968
Proclamation Nos. 532 1969
Proclamation Nos. 624 1969
Proclamation Nos. 811 1961
History 1975
Maps 1988
Park activities
Park management
Park improvements
Playground safety
Ecowaste Coalition
Performing arts
Photo exhibit
QC Parks Development Foundation, Inc.
QC Memorial Circle - Master Plan 1988
QC National Kidney Transplant Institute Controversy 2012
QC Novaliches
Novaliches District Center 1978
Novaliches History 1978
Novaliches Profile and Demography
Street names
Novaliches Elementary School
NDC Newsline 1998, 2000
QC Organizational Chart 1981, 2010?
QC Offices/ Departments Functions
Departments and its definition
Offices under Mayor Simon’s term
QC Parks Development Foundation Inc.
Electric car
Please see also QC Memorial Circle
QC Polytechnic University
5 year development plan 1995
The Quest 2010
QC Population
2007 and projected until 2020, by District
2010 and projected until 2020, by District
Public elementary and high school population 2009
Demographics 2012
Socio economic indicators, QC? 2011
QC Pride Campaign 2007?
Pugad Lawin High School
QC Polytechnic University
QC Profile
60th Anniversary 1999
65th Anniversary 2004
70th Anniversary 2009
QC Program/ Invitations
Library related
  Inauguration and New Building August 6 1983
  PLAI 1991 National Convention October 17 1991
  Quezon: Ama ng Wikang Pambansa Agosto 18 1993
  Library and Information Services Month 1993
  National Book Week 1993
  16th Gabriel A. Bernardo Memorial Lecture 1994
  5oth Founding Anniversary of Manila City Library 1996
  Joint Opening of the Barangay Reading Center, Brgy Capri 1997
  Library and Information Services Month 1997
Dulaan ng Kabataan
Code of Ethics and Citizenship
Manuel L. Quezon
Executive Order 219, series of 1939
Quezon Bahay Kubo: Aklatan ng Kabataan
Friends of the Library
Essay writing
UP Institute of Library Science
Manila City Library
Barangay Capri
Local Government Activities
  Inauguration of quezon City Museum October 11 1983
  Memorandum for 51st Foundation Day Activities 1990
  Letter Re: Alay Linis III 1990
  Solemn Novena in Honor of Our Lady of the Rosary 1990
  Parangal ‘90, October 10 1990
  9th Day of the Novena, Our Lady of the Rosary 1990
  Ika-115 na taong kapanganakan ni Manuel Luis Quezon 1993
  Memorandum for Quezon Day 1993
  Mass Wedding Ceremony 1993
  54th Foundation Day Activities Programme, October 12 1993
  Ceremonial Switching of Christmas Lights, December 10 1993
  182nd Birth Anniversary of Melchora Aquino, January 19 1994
  3rd PNP Anniversary Celebration, January 28 1994
  Search for the singing sweethearts February 14 1994
  QC Women’s Week, March 15 1994
  Mass Awarding of Certificates for Livelihood Training, April 1994
  Scholarship Award Ceremonies for QC High School Graduates
with Academic Excellence SY 199-1994 April 8 1994
  ‘94 Quezon City Palarong Panlunsod sa Kabataan April 23 1994
  Quezon City’s Best towards Philippines 2000, June 8 1994
  Demystifying AIDS, June 13 1994
  Negosyanteng Pilipino Kabuhayan Festival 2000, June 15 1994
  Symposium on Value Added Tax, August 16 1994
  QCPU 3rd Foundation Day, February 28 1997
  99th Anniversary of Philippine Independence Day 1997
  Ika-119 na taong kapanganakan ni Manuel L. Quezon 1997
  101st Anniversary Celebration of the Cry of Pugad Lawin  1997
  Re-dedication of the Carlos Albert Session Hall, October 14 1997
QC Pugad Lawin High School - History 2003
QC Quality City 2002, 2003, 2004
QC Division of City Schools - History 2012
QC Schools Directory - Secondary Private 2009
QC Social Profile 1995
Population 1995
In-Migration 1995
Age and Sex composition 1995
Family Planning method 1995
Marital Status 1995
Religion 1995
Language Spoken 1995
Mortality 1995
Programs and Lead Agency Assigned 1995
Housing 1995
Health facilities map 1995
Educational facilities map 1995
Private educational facilities map 1995
Public library map 1995
Recreational facilities map 1995
Fire Substation map 1995
Day Care facilities map 1995
Social welfare 1995
Crime incidence 1995
QC Streets
Nicanor Ramirez St. (old: Pulog Extension, Galas) 1964
Sta. Catalina St. (old: Lambay St., San Jose) 1964
24 Scout Streets (old: South Streets, South Triangle) 1964
Payatas Road (old: Manila Gravel Pit Road, Payatas) 2009
GMA Network Drive (old: part of 11th Jamboree Road) 2009
Erano Manalo Avenue (old; Central Avenue) 2009
St. Peter Drive (old: Sunnyside Drive, Kristong Hari) 2007
E. delos Santos Avenue (old: Highway 54)
N.S. Amoranto Avenue (old; Retiro St.)
Bonnie Serrano Street (old: Santolan Road)
Commonwealth Avenue (old: Mariano Marcos Avenue)
Tomas Morato Avenue (old: Sampaloc Avenue)
E. Rodriguez Sr Avenue (old: Espana Extension)
Judge Damian Jimenez Street (old: K-D Street)
I. Santos Diaz Street (old: Arayat Street)
Sgt. Esguerra Street
Betty Go Belmonte Road (old: Valley Road, Immaculate Conception)
QC Sister Cities
QC Updates Newsletter/ National Statistics Office
Issue 7, July 2001
Issue 9, September 2001
Issue 10, October 2001
Issue 11, November 2001
Issue 12, December 2001
Issue 6, June 2004
Issue 7, July - August 2004
Issue 8, September - October 2004
Issue  2, February - March 2005
Issue 3, April - June 2005
Issue 4, July - August 2005
Issue 5, September - October 2005
Issue 2, January - March 2006
Special Release on Gender Statistics 2007
QC Vision Mission 1992, 2000, 2009
Vision Mission
Core Values and Core competencies
QC Wikang Pambansa


Aguinaldo, Barangay
Bahay Toro, Barangay
Bagbag, Barangay
Bago Bantay, Barangay
Bagong Pag-asa, Barangay
Bagumbayan, Barangay
Balara, Barangay
Balingasa, Barangay
Balintawak, Barangay
Balon Bato, Barangay
Banlat, Barangay
Barangay Evacuation Center
Barangay news
Barangay newsletter
Batasan Hills, Barangay
Bungad, Barangay
Capri, Barangay
Central, Barangay
Commonwealth, Barangay
Culiat, Barangay
Directory of barangay captains, District I-IV
QC redistricting
QC and its district
District II vicinity map
District I barangay profiles
District II barangay profiles
District III barangay profiles
District IV barangay profiles
District I history
District II history
District III history
District IV history
Escopa, Barangay
Fairview, Barangay
Galas, Barangay
Greater Fairview, Barangay
Greater Lagro, Barangay
Horseshoe, Barangay
Gulod, Barangay
Kamuning, Barangay
Krus na Ligas, Barangay
La Loma, Barangay
Maharlika, Barangay
Manresa, Barangay
Marilag, Barangay
Murphy, Barangay
Nagkaisang Nayon, Barangay
New Manila, Barangay
Paltok, Barangay
Pansol, Barangay
Paltok, Barangay
Pansol, Barangay
Pasong Tamo, Barangay
Payatas, Barangay
Philam, Barangay
Pinyahan, Barangay
Project 7, Barangay
Project 8, Barangay
Pugad Lawin, Barangay
Quirino, Barangay
Roxas, Barangay
San Agustin, Barangay
San Bartolome, Barangay
San Francisco del Monte, Barangay
San Jose, Barangay
Sangandaan, Barangay
Sta. Mesa Heights, Barangay
Sta. Monica, Barangay
Sto. Cristo, Barangay
Santolan, Barangay
Sauyo, Barangay
Sikatuna Village, Barangay
Silangan, Barangay
Talipapa, Barangay
Tandang Sora, Barangay
Tatalon, Barangay
Ugong Norte, Barangay
Valencia, Barangay
Vasra, Barangay

1st QC Mayor issue 2004
18th Quezon City council Ulat sa Bayan 2012
Achievements - QC Mayors
Albert, Carlos (Vice Mayor, 1972 - 1976)
Amoranto, Norberto S. (Mayor, 1954-1976)
Angeles, Connie S. (Vice Mayor, 1998 - 2001) - Inaugural speech, 1998
Bautista, Herbert M. (Mayor, 2010 - present)
Bautista, Herbert M. (Mayor, 2010 - present) - Profile
Bautista, Herbert M. (Vice Mayor, 1992 -2010)
Bautista, Herbert M. (Vice Mayor, 1992 -2010) - State of the City Address, 1992-2010
Bautista, Herbert M. (Vice Mayor, 1992 -2010) - State of the City Address, 1992-2010
Belmonte, Feliciano R. (Mayor, 2001-2010) - State of the City Address, 2001-2010
Belmonte, Feliciano R. (Mayor, 2001-2010) - State of the City Address, 2009
Belmonte, Joy (Vice Mayor, 2010 - present) - Programs
Bernardo, Ponciano A. (Mayor, 1946 -1949)
Biographies - QC Mayors
Diaz, Ignacio S.
Mathay, Ismael A., Jr. (Mayor, 1992-2001) - Accomplishment Report
Mathay, Ismael A., Jr. (Mayor, 1992-2001) - Accomplishments
Mathay, Ismael A., Jr. (Mayor, 1992-2001) - Birthday, 1994
Mathay, Ismael A., Jr. (Mayor, 1992-2001) - Candidacy, 2004
Mathay, Ismael A., Jr. (Mayor, 1992-2001) - First 100 days
Mathay, Ismael A., Jr. (Mayor, 1992-2001) - State of the City Address, 1992-1999
Mathay, Ismael A., Jr. (Mayor, 1992-2001) - Ten point agenda
Mathay, Ismael A., Jr. (Mayor, 1992-2001) - Turnover ceremonies, 1992
Morato, Tomas B. (Mayor, 1939-1942)
Pictures - QC Mayors
Planas, Charito (Vice Mayor, 1992 - 1995)
Pormento, Norberto (Appointed Vice Mayor, 1986 - 1987)
Quezon, Manuel L.
Quezon, Manuel L. - 118th Birthday Anniversary, 1996
Quezon, Manuel L. - Ancestral house
Quezon, Manuel L. - Birth anniversaries
Quezon, Manuel L. - Death anniversaries
QC Vice mayors - Biographies
Rodriguez, Adelina S. (Mayor, 1976-1986)
Sarino, Stephen (Vice Mayor, 1976 -1986)
Simon, Brigido (Mayor, 1986-1992)
Simon, Brigido (Mayor, 1986-1992) - Speeches
Sotto, Vicente (Vice Mayor, 1998 -1992)
Sta Romana, Mariano (Vice Mayor, 1963 -1967)

3. Quezon City news clippings

Q.C. Accidents
Q.C. Activities
Q.C. Amoranto Stadium
Q.C. Foundation Day
Q.C. Anti-rabies drive
Q.C. Araneta Center Cubao
Q.C. Arts and culture
Q.C. Awardees (1989-2004)
Q.C. Awardees (2005-present)
Q.C. San Mateo Battle
Q.C. Benefits
Q.C. Bible
Q.C. Billboards
Q.C. Book launching
Q.C. Botika
Q.C. Boracay Mansion
Q.C. Budget
Q.C. Building
Q.C. Building construction
Q.C. Business
Q.C. Business establishments
Q.C. Business permits
Q.C. Call centers
Q.C. Land disputes
Q.C. Camp Atienza
Q.C. Camp Pag-ibig
Q.C. Anti-carnapping
Q.C. Carnapping  
Q.C. Celebrations
Q.C. Cemeteries
Q.C. Centennial
Q.C. Central Police District I
Q.C. Charter
Q.C. Child labor
Q.C. Children
Q.C. Christmas celebration
Q.C. Civil Registry
Q.C. Clean Air Program
Q.C. Clean up drive
Q.C. Elections
Q.C. Commonwealth Avenue
Q.C. Cooperatives
Q.C. Comprehensive Development Program
Q.C. Social Services
Q.C. Courtesy Call
Q.C. Crimes
Q.C. Cry of Pugad Lawin
Q.C. Day Care Centers
Q.C. Demolition   
Q.C. Dengue
Q.C. Sex Education Program
Q.C. Disabled
Q.C. Disaster
Q.C. Donation
Q.C. Drugs
Q.C. Earthquakes
Q.C. Education/ schools
Q.C. E-library
Q.C. E-attendance
Q.C. Employees
Q.C. Energy
Q.C. Environment
Q.C. Environmental protection
Q.C. Establishments
Q.C. Eucharistic celebration
Q.C. Family planning
Q.C. Fault lines (Faults and tranches in the Philippines-Valley Fault System W/ Index Map)
Q.C. Feeding Program
Q.C. Festivals
Q.C. Films
Q.C. Financial Status
Q.C. Fire
Q.C. Fixers
Q.C. Floods
Q.C. Flyover
Q.C. Foundations
Q.C. Foundation Day
Q.C. Fun house
Q.C. Fund sources
Q.C. Gambling
Q.C. Garbage/ waste management
Q.C. Gas station
Q.C. Gender
Q.C. Government Properties
Q.C. Hall building
Q.C. Health
Q.C. Health benefits
Q.C. Health centers
Q.C. Health services
Q.C. Hospitals
Q.C. Household workers
Q.C. Housing projects
Q.C. ICT capital
Q.C. Illegal vendors
Q.C. Income
Q.C. Infrastructure
Q.C. Jail
Q.C. Job fair
Q.C. Juvenile
Q.C. KADIWA market     
Q.C. Landmarks
Q.C. La Mesa Dam
Q.C. La Mesa Eco Park
Q.C. Land title
Q.C. Libraries
Q.C. Linis Ganda
Q.C. Livelihood
Q.C. Malls
Q.C. Lung Center
Q.C. Manor Hotel
Q.C. Market
Q.C. Media
Q.C. Mass wedding
Q.C. Medical mission
Q.C. MMDA          
Q.C. Montalban
Q.C. Mountains
Q.C. Museum
Q.C. Muslim
Q.C. Mutya ng Lungsod Quezon
Q.C. National Kidney and Transplant Institute Agreement
Q.C. Offices
Q.C. Novaliches - Business
Q.C. Officials 1939-present
Q.C. Orchid and Garden show
Q.C. Ordinance 2002 - 2005
Q.C. Ordinance 2006 - present
Q.C. Outreach Program
Q.C. Ozone Disco
Q.C. PAREF North Field School Case
Q.C. Parking
Q.C. Parks
Q.C. Paskong Pasiklab
Q.C. Payatas 1999
Q.C. Payatas 2000
Q.C. Payatas 2001-2003
Q.C. Payatas Biogas Plant
Q.C. Payatas Dumpsite
Q.C. Peace and order
Q.C. People’s Park
Q.C. Philhealth
Q.C. Police
Q.C. Politics
Q.C. Pollution
Q.C. Polytechnic University
Q.C. Population (Per barangay and School) 2009
Q.C. Posters
Q.C. Poverty
Q.C. Profile  
Q.C. Programs/project 2002-2003
Q.C. Programs/project 2004
Q.C. Programs/project 2005
Q.C. Programs/project 2006
Q.C. Programs/project 2007- 2008
Q.C. Programs/project 2008-present
Q.C. Prostitution
Q.C. Public Library Day Celebration
Q.C. Public School Population
Q.C. Pugad Lawin High School
Q.C. Quezon Institute
Q.C. Quirino Grandstand
Q.C. Rape
Q.C. Redistricting
Q.C. Reading Programs
Q.C. Recycling
Q.C. Regional Trial Court (RTC) Cases  
Q.C. Republic Acts
Q.C. Reproductive Health
Q.C. Resolutions
Q.C. Roads
Q.C. Salary standardization
Q.C. Santacruzan
Q.C. SARS      
Q.C. Schools Directory
Q.C. Scholarship Program
Q.C. Schools/ Universities - Directory       
Q.C. Scouting
Q.C. Security
Q.C. Smoking
Q.C. Senior Citizens
Q.C. Showbiz  
Q.C. Slaughterhouse
Q.C. Sikapbuhay
Q.C. Social Security System
Q.C. Special Children
Q.C. Sports
Q.C. Squatters
Q.C. Stamps
Q.C. Summer job Programs
Q.C. State of the City Address
Q.C. Street children
Q.C. Sub-city
Q.C. Tahanan Rehabilitation
Q.C. Taxation
Q.C. Taxes, 2002-2003
Q.C. Taxes, 2004-2005
Q.C. Taxes, 2006-
Q.C. Taxpayers Awardees
Q.C. Theaters
Q.C. Tomas Morato Avenue
Q.C. Tourism
Q.C. Traffic management
Q.C. Trainings
Q.C. Treasurer’s Office
Q.C. Tricycle operation
Q.C. Trivia
Q.C. Tuition fees
Q.C. Typhoon
Q.C. Underpass
Q.C. Unemployment
Q.C. UP Ayala Land Technohub
Q.C. Urban Planning
Q.C. Urban Poor
Q.C. Utilities
Q.C. Vendors
Q.C. Water
Q.C. Wikang Pambansa
Q.C. Writers
Q.C. Women
Q.C. Youth